May 25, 2020


In line with her determined effort to bring better life to the people of Ohafia her land of origin, Your Royal Majesty Queen Catherine Ajike of Ohafia has further revealed to OhafiaTV through her Media Aid, Comr. Amos Kalu (AFK), of her major plans for her people.

The kindhearted Ohafia Queen is currently working on building a contemporary general hospital in Ohafia and she is aiming for the hospital to be ready by 2019, saying it is going to be first of its kind and comparable to standards obtainable anywhere in the world because it is going to be the best hospital in the whole of Africa with specialized medical doctors and nursing staff plus world class medical equipments.

According to the blueprint, the hospital is going to have a district department with large numbers of beds for intensive care and additional beds for patients who need longer treatments.

Further revelation has it that the hospital is going to have a clinic department to ensure that patients can be seen quickly and treated. There is also going to be a built in pharmacy department so that medications that are prescribed by the doctors can easily be available and quickly purchased by the patient.

He said: “The hospital will be named after Queen Catherine Ajike’s Christian name which is ‘Patience’, in other words, the hospital that is being built in Ohafia by Your Royal Majesty Queen Catherine Ajike will be called: Patience Ajike Medical Hospital”. 

We could not help but ask how the Queen feel about the Hospital and what actually motivated such a lofty decision.

“It saddens her that Nigeria doesn’t have very good hospitals and when people are sick some suffer looking for a place to get treated and most end up dying unnecessarily.  So doing this for her people she feels that she is going to contribute to their good health and in saving of lives of Ohafians and the whole of Nigeria. 

”Her priority is to use the hospital to cater for Nigerians but it will be open for people from all works of life and from any part of the world to come and get treated”.

It is noteworthy that her main focus now is in the one she is building in Ohafia which is scheduled to be ready in 2019. However, after its completion, Queen Catherine Ajike plans to build about 12 more in total all scattered across Abia State. 

The current Patience Ajike Medical Hospital that is being built in Ohafia is going to compliment the medical sector for Ohafians, Abians and other parts of Nigeria including Ohafians living outside Nigeria and other people from other parts of the world the revelation concludes. 


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