May 27, 2019

Unleash Ur Creativity Nigeria Season 3 – Facilitator, Emmanuel Eyaba speaks, solicits support

In the countdown to the 3rd edition of one of the greatest talent hunt and capacity building program in Nigeria tagged UUC3 that has helped to groom and nurture budding talents in Nigeria, Africa and around the world for the past three years and counting.

In the build up to Unleash Ur Creativity Nigeria Season 3 (UUCNigeria3), Hopes are high, tension heightened and expectation ripe. That is why Comr. Amos Kalu of OhafiaTV has in this interview with one of the best Nollywood prolific and pragmatic directors, Mr. Eyaba Emmanuel (DGN), the CEO and facilitator of this prestigious programme, X-rays in details what UUC3 is all about and how it has been of tremendous asset to the young and aspiring talents that abound in Nigeria and beyond.


OTV:  May we meet you Sir?

ANS: My name is Emmanuel Eyaba, a filmmaker and cultural entrepreneur. I am the CEO of 2ET Media Network, organizers of UUC Nigeria.


OTV: What is UUC all about? Can you through more light on this popular program?


ANS: UUC Nigeria is a film capacity program designed to give an opportunity to the young and talented film makers to express themselves.

You see, a lot of talents has died in many people because they could not see the opportunity to birth and nurture these talents to fruition and maturity. That is the point we are trying to make, that is the monster we are trying to fight by giving them a starting footing with the right training that will bring out the best in them.

A lot of filmmakers abound but they have not been given an opportunity to showcase their God given talents. At UUC Nigeria we camp and train this filmmakers for 14 days by members of the directors guild of Nigeria.

They are now given topics to make short films and the winning team will be empowered to do a bigger project thereby they all become known through their works.


OTV: Wow! That’s soothing! So what are your plans and how do you think this program can contribute to capacity development in Nigeria?


ANS: All young filmmakers need an opportunity and we are creating that for them to showcase themselves to the world. The basic and primary target is to build and develop their capacity by training them in the areas of their natural interest and when they become what they are destined to be, Nigeria will be at liberty to enjoy the contribution they will be making and the world as well will feel their contribution. That is why we are serious about this program. That is why we are ready to make every possible sacrifices to ensure that we contribute our quota to making Nigeria great by building the youths and developing their capacity for positive impact in the society.


OTV:  Are you getting any support from the government?


ANS: No support from the government yet. It has been personal cash all these while. But you know what? Great things start small.

I am optimistic that time will come when our effort will be appreciated at large and I know the support will come from; not just the government, but from a very wider spectrum of individuals and private partners. There’s no going back for us.


OTV:  What are the challenges you’ve faced since inception?


ANS: Funding has been our major challenge. For instance, camping, feeding, Equipment, funds for the winning team. All these have made us to feel like throwing in the towel, but we can’t because participants are happy as the program has been of blessing to them. That alone is our greatest driving passion. Their happiness makes us stronger.


OTV:  Where or how do you want the government to be of help?


ANS: Funding! we have been trying to raise money for the winning teams to do work but it has been really difficult though we believe that very soon this will be sorted out.

While at it, I want to say special thanks to Entrepreneurship Enhancement Center, our collaborating partners, MTN, Nikon Nigeria, Directors Guild of Nigeria, JYB TV who have agreed to partner with us this year. I am really optimistic that more partners will come in. We are positive.


OTV:  Any words of advice and encouragement to the aspiring UUC3 participants?


ANS: Yes! My advice for them is simple – Stay focused and be creative, the sky will be stepping stone to where you are going to.


OTV: Thank you sir for the time. We wish you the best outing in this 2018 edition.


ANS: Welcome!

We threw a simple questionnaire to the participants of Unleash your creativity Nigeria Season 3, 2018.



OTV:  TELL US YOUR NAME AND WHAT YOU FEEL ABOUT UUC3 program. What are your expectations and anxiety?


My name is Michael Iheanacho Oka, also called Daddy O.

UUC3 is the biggest platform in Africa and even beyond that I have come across that train young film makers and at the same time challenge them to prove their knowledge on the lessons learnt. It is a platform where practitioners teach from experience and not from theory, a platform that does better than most film schools, UUC3 is the first and only program that I know that groom young film makers and provide them with fund to  do something unlike project fame for music, coke studio for same music, music fest as sponsored by Lagos State government and many more all for music but here we have our own project fame, our own coke studio etc which is UUC3 by Emma Eyaba (DGN)

My expectations are not much because from the lineup, I will be blown away. It has been interesting from our Whatsapp group, so I have no single doubt that the camp will be explosive with lectures from legends in film making.

The only anxiety is always a personal thing, inferiority complex. I always feel am less to be part of a big project like this as an actor and on the other hand I console myself by saying ” I joined UUC3 TO LEARN NOT TO WIN” and I hope before we get to camp my anxiety will reduce not vanish though.

I Daddy O love UUC3 and the brain behind it.

God will increase you and give you all resources to maintain the trend.

My name is Saviour okimasi

Due to the setbacks and other environmental factors experienced by the African youth, also coupled with societal discouragement etc. has shot the door of boldness to face their future.

The UNLEASH UR CREATIVITY film capacity building project is designed to promote the potentials of the African youths. A program with a clear consciousness for the realization and actualization of her youth’s potentials.

Ironically, talent exhibition is the only means a youth can be happy even when his environment and some certain factors kick against it. This is why the UUC program has recorded success from its maiden edition and now yet another journey of stardom the SEASON3.


Considering the legacy she has kept from UUC1-UUC2, I expect a bigger, better and massive awareness of the 85% African youths population of such life changing experience and opportunity. Am expecting more sponsors and partners as this program don’t only help to promote the talent of the African youth but also helps in the building of better youths for a purposeful tomorrow by reducing the rate of unemployment of her youth, this is why I also expect heads of states of different African countries to support this project in raising talented youths for the future. Lastly, I am expecting history film makers to be made from this platform.


Having the opportunity to be tutored by well renowned and award winning directors from the Nigerian directors’ guild of the prestigious Nollywood industry e.g Ken. Imasuen, Teco Benson etc and to be mentored by the boss himself Mr Emmanuel Eyaba it’s going to be ground breaking for me.

A lot of experience to be shared with famous Nigerian actors like Charles Inojie and others also with the award winning makeup artiste Perekeme Odon and all of those who have created an indelible mark in the movie industry “wow” I think I will be nervous but it will be an amazing experience and a one never to forget.

“wooow” I cannot  wait to be in the next UNLEASH UR CREATIVITY SEASON 3.


My name is Jennifer Macaulay, I’m from River State.

UUC is a great platform for everyone who aspire to be in the movie industry, whether in front or behind the camera. It’s a training that will give everyone the opportunity of exploring and fully discovering one’s talent and unleashing one’s creativity (just as the name implies). When I saw an advert made by someone on (cinematographer) on Facebook about UUC, I quickly checked the website, I was amazed at what I saw, I found out UUC it’s even on its 3rd season, I asked myself how on earth did I miss season 1 & 2, but then it’s never too late to start I quickly grabbed the opportunity, I’m really looking forward to meeting the director Emmanuel Eyaba and the different mentors.

it’s going to be a great privilege to be tutored by this great people who have done so well in their different areas of specialization. I believe it’s going to be an overwhelming, educating and awesome experience.

 I’m excited about it and can’t wait to be a part of it. However in every competition there’s always anxiety, fear, uncertainty, fear of not been chosen, fear of not making it to the end, in fact fear of the unknown…lol but I’m hopeful that everything is going to come out good, stars will be made, dreams materialized.

 May God Keep us all As We Look Forward to having a great time…cheers

 My Name is Precious Anslem

UUC3, for me is the best thing to happen to Nollywood. For the first time ever we are having a platform that gives equal opportunities to both upcoming and industry actors and actresses to learn and also to be mentored by veterans of the industry.

My expectation is simple; I want to be taught by the best.

So I’m ready to learn new things, unlearn old and irrelevant things and relearn.

My anxiety is I can wait

Hello Mr Amos

I’m chinedu Emmanuel Prosper

Having this feeling about UUC has always been real since the first season now that I’m participating in it even makes it more real, it’s a privilege to be part of this project of young and inspiring people and I hope to be a reliable contribution to it.

My expectations are to come and be enlightened by people of class and intelligence in the industry and also to be inspired by veterans and also my fellow participants and also to meet and make new friends

I’m anxious over nothing at all since it’s a well planned and organized program then the victors or the evicted have nothing to fear…… Thank you and God bless


Gud evening sir

My name is Loveth Ndukuba,

I feel honored to be part of this great life changing program.

Uuc3 is a program set aside to bring the best out of best in film making.  I am expecting something bigger, better and more educative. Something that can never leave the lips of everyone involved

Am expecting to meet with my amiable director Mr. Eyaba and directors of his kind; I expect nothing but the best from it because it is the best

Secondly, the challenges  that one might  be facing  in camp,  how to be successful  in one’s area of interest  and what kind  of tasks could be given  to us, these are my anxiety



Good morning

I am Yaqub Muhammed Jamiu, one of the participants on uuc3 program

What I feel about the program is that it is a God deviced means of creating opportunities to the young talented filmmaker to discover and nurture their God gifted talents.

My name is Chinwe Comfort Ohameze.

I am a participant in the forth coming 3rd edition of Unleash Ur Creativity Nigeria. Having read through the previous editions of the success this program recorded in the past, I stand to say I am honored to be a part of this edition.

My expectations are high, I have the confidence that God will see the organizers through in this adventure, the program will be as planned. Kudos to Director Emma Eyaba, I also want to say that so many people who are not in the movie industry all know about UUC because a non AGN Member told me of it even after I might have chat with Godsfame sometimes ago. UUC has come to stay for good.

Chinwe Ohameze, actress, scriptwriter, Producer



WHAT I FEEL ABOUT UUC3, first I thank God Almighty for this wonderful platform, is only those of us that has been struggling in this field of film making for long before now knows what the pioneer of this great platform Mr. Emmanuel Eyeba has done by bringing up this great opportunity, so I feel so exited, I feel so thankful, I feel gratitude.

Well for now I will say I have no serious anxiety about how things has been going in the group chat, though the Audition video was OK because I’ve been in such occasion (audition both face to face and documentary) for long before now, am only concerned and bothered on how Mr. Emmanuel Eyeba is going to cope with 60 participants  during the camping, I mean I’ve been thinking on how he will transport all to the destination, how he will feed and take care of them, during the camping or will all this been done by the participants themselves? So these are my anxiety for now.

Am still Christian Chima Collins (Dir.chimichris)



My name is Amadi Ifenyinwa Stephanie… A female


I am an upcoming Actor (rapper), Director and Scriptwriter…I have interest in the media world so to that effect I intend growing myself to what patterns media like editing of videos, handling of camera etc…The reason I registered for UUC is to have mentors who could help me develop these talents and skills…

I believe UUC needs passionate, talented, committed and willing people in order for the organization to work more effectively..And I can boldly say without fear and doubt that I am all that because acting and all the rest which I mentioned above is my passion.. It’s something I love doing and I always want the best to come out of it…

Although I just started recently to act with cameras (movies) but I have been on the platform of stage i.e stage drama for years now…Yes, I know the stage is different from camera…

I am really grateful to the organizers of UUC for creating this opportunity to help brand young people…Most of us has this passion but we lack platforms that could help us develop better…

I really don’t know how the camp would be since this is my first time….I wouldn’t say am not scared of been evicted…I am but my passion weighs far much than my fear..I don’t know how the camp would look like, if it would be a stressful one (though I know nothing good comes easy) or not…But am willing to give it my best shot and to make my experience worth it…


Samuel Akinola AFEFE:

UUC 3 intending participants from Abuja:

My love for ACTING and SCRIPT writing dates back to few years back: steadily developing the arts on my own, but with little to show for it.


I see unleash your creativity season 3 as a platform to really bring about the breakthrough I have earnestly desired in the film industry. If considered as one of the lucky 60 to be selected for UUC 3, I have no doubt that the experience will serve as bedrock toward the actualization of my dream to be – – A seasoned ACTOR and A sort-after SCRIPT WRITER.


After the camping exercise, What next, are there a proposed developmental programs to further build up the capacity of the participants aside the proposed prizes for winners?

Thanks and God bless.

OTV: It couldn’t have sounded better than all these. All we say is more power to the hands of UUCNigeria Organizers.


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